Why I began a Blog…

Why did I begin a Blog? Thats something I have been asking myself a lot lately, especially since I haven’t been doing the best with it… yes I admit, I have been slacking. I’ve been having tons of ‘writers block’ or a lack of inspiration lately, so my blog hasn’t been thriving. Whatever, back to the point, why did I start a Blog? I was hoping this would become my outlet I guess from the real world. Or maybe just somewhere that I can talk about things that my friends hate hearing about (fashion, makeup, concerts, fun, actually, just anything I love).

I love reading Blogs and even watching Vlogs. However, I will say Poppy Deyes’ Blog inspired mine. Her laid back writing style and interesting life made me debate on it, so I decided to try. I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel; however, its just not something I see happening right now, so I started this. I’m hoping this is something I will love and something that will grow. Eventually, if I really enjoy this I hope to buy my own domain and have my own site. I figured I would start small though so I can see how much I like it. With that being said, if any of you have any questions or would like to see something different totally let me know!!!


College Update

Hey Guys!!! SO I know I wrote a bit about Pace and how its my dream school but how I am going to have a really hard time affording it!! My parents are newly divorced and my mom is the only contributor to my life! I have had a job since freshman year, but these entry level minimum wage jobs are not enough to save up for college. However, I am NOT complaining, life could be worse. I would appreciate any help I could get! I am NOT expecting the full tuition, but even a few bucks could potentially help!!!! Here is the link to my gofundme! Any h


A bit more about me..

Most of my blog posts so far have been concerts. And the other ones were short and not so much about my life. SO here goes nothing.. I wanted to tell you guys a bit more about myself. I am currently a high school senior trying to get my college situation.. well.. situated. I just got an acceptance letter from my dream school! Even better, it is in Manhattan! I absolutely love the city, I will be so happy if I can go there!

I love to travel, but since I am a broke teenager, I don´t get to do it too often. Maybe I will be able to soon enough though.. at least I can hope right! I love reading and drinking coffee.

I am also an insane animal lover, we have 5 pets.. and that still isn´t enough. I can post another blog about that later!

img_1485And yes.. these pictures are extremely random.. they are just my favorite pictures that I have taken 🙂 If I left anything out that anyone is curious about feel free to ask away!


My tattoos and the stories behind them! 

As common as it is, me and my best friend got this as matching tattoos. We got it for the quote “you love all my darkness. and you see all my light.”

The double X’s in the middle stand for “If there’s a will; there’s a way.” The arrow my own personal twist on it. I got the arrow for the quote that goes on to say (at the end) “When life pulls you back, shoot forward.” My best friend also got this tattoo.

This is a triskelion. It stands for personal growth, spiritual expansion and human development.

This shows placement.


Hey, I’m Liv and this is gonna be my blog.. I have no idea what I’m doing so bare with me! We’ll see how this goes! Social media fascinates me and I thought it would be rad to make a blog about my life! Follows, likes and comments are massively appreciated!