Why I began a Blog…

Why did I begin a Blog? Thats something I have been asking myself a lot lately, especially since I haven’t been doing the best with it… yes I admit, I have been slacking. I’ve been having tons of ‘writers block’ or a lack of inspiration lately, so my blog hasn’t been thriving. Whatever, back to the point, why did I start a Blog? I was hoping this would become my outlet I guess from the real world. Or maybe just somewhere that I can talk about things that my friends hate hearing about (fashion, makeup, concerts, fun, actually, just anything I love).

I love reading Blogs and even watching Vlogs. However, I will say Poppy Deyes’ Blog inspired mine. Her laid back writing style and interesting life made me debate on it, so I decided to try. I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel; however, its just not something I see happening right now, so I started this. I’m hoping this is something I will love and something that will grow. Eventually, if I really enjoy this I hope to buy my own domain and have my own site. I figured I would start small though so I can see how much I like it. With that being said, if any of you have any questions or would like to see something different totally let me know!!!


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