My tattoos and the stories behind them! 

As common as it is, me and my best friend got this as matching tattoos. We got it for the quote “you love all my darkness. and you see all my light.”

The double X’s in the middle stand for “If there’s a will; there’s a way.” The arrow my own personal twist on it. I got the arrow for the quote that goes on to say (at the end) “When life pulls you back, shoot forward.” My best friend also got this tattoo.

This is a triskelion. It stands for personal growth, spiritual expansion and human development.

This shows placement.


Paul McCartney

This summer, my family and I went to a Paul McCartney concert. As life long Beatles fans (thanks to my mom), you can imagine mine and my brothers excitement when we finally got to see him in person. 

Talk about a grand finale… am I right?

The excitement was real at this moment!

This was how he sung my mom’s favorite song (Blackbird).. talk about a cool presentation. 

And finally, the size (and taste) of these drinks were insanely good!!


Hey, I’m Liv and this is gonna be my blog.. I have no idea what I’m doing so bare with me! We’ll see how this goes! Social media fascinates me and I thought it would be rad to make a blog about my life! Follows, likes and comments are massively appreciated!